Make your child the hero of his own story!

  • Special & Unique

    The personalised book is a remarkable ally in giving your child a taste for reading. It will facilitate his awakening and reinforce his self-esteem.

  • Qualitative

    The book is designed with thick paper to last over time and is produced in an environmentally friendly, FSC-certified manner.  

  • Awakening

    Our story provides knowledge about the world and animals with relevant information.

Why a personalized book?

Stories help children understand the thoughts, feelings and motivations of the people around them. For children, this means that when they are the hero of their own adventure, their brain literally makes them embody the character's behaviours.

Helping others, solving problems, being curious: meeting the different protagonists of our stories helps children to be able to empathise with others in everyday life.

To personalise your story, nothing could be easier: replace "first name" with your child's first name and your child will be the hero throughout the story.

I create my own book