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Personalized book - Spatial odyssey

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In "The spatial odyssey of first name", follow the intrepid steps of a curious little bear and a daring raccoon that embarked on an extraordinary interstellar trip. They explore the eight planets of the solar system with wonder and astonishment.

With each stop, they discover the unique beauty of each planet, from the freezing cold of Neptune to the elegant rings of Saturn. Each page offers a captivating adventure, transporting readers in an epic journey through the universe.

However, as "first name" marvels at the cosmic grandeur, he gradually achieves something essential. Beyond the splendor of other planets, the earth, its own house, remains the most precious of all. The discovery of the fragility of our planet and the need to preserve it becomes the common thread of this spatial odyssey.


This book can be ordered for one or two children. You also have the possibility of choosing who will be the adult or the parent present for the child. 

The book is presented in A4 format, rigid cover, FSC certified paper of sustainable forest, pages in 170 GSM. 


Our books are printed in Europe.

Our paper is FSC certified.

Delivery and feedback

Delivery is made within 8 to 10 working days.

Indeed, the book, to be created must go through several machines and the leaves must dry.

The production time is 4 days.

The delivery time is 3 to 5 days.

Personalized books cannot be returned to us because they are unique.

With the exception of a defect when receiving if it is notified within 8 days of receiving the package.


The book is presented in A4 format in landscape.


Our books are created to last in time so that our little customers can enjoy their lives in their history or to post them.

Customer Reviews

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Why a personalized book?

Personalization has this (magic) power to improve the ability and motivation of children to learn.

When immersed in history, it becomes easier for them to acquire new words and new knowledge. And they keep them easier!

A study of kindergarten students revealed that those to whom we read personalized stories were expressed more and longer.

Another study showed a significant difference in the acquisition of words when reading a personalized text compared to an unused text. Youpi!

  • Delivery

    The delivery price is calculated at the time of payment. There is the same regardless of the number of items you order.

  • The deadline

    Delivery is made within 8 to 10 days. This includes the production of the unique product until it happens in your mailbox.