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My Mini Buddies

Personalized book - The suitcase

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Thanks to this adorable and personalised tale, children will enrich their vocabulary by learning new words and by participating in the interactive storytelling. 

They will become real little nerds, ready for their first day of school. 

The suitcase belongs to a little otter with your child's name on it, who fills it with useful things depending on where it goes. 

Ideal for children from 0 to 3 years old.

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How is the book personalized?

1. Choose the language of the book

2. Choose preferred colour for cover and type of cover (hard or soft)

3. Add the child hero’s first name

4. Add a photo of the child, if desired

5. Write a special dedication

What does the story tell?

In this story The suitcase - customizable book child, an otter named after your child, holds a small suitcase that it fills with useful things depending on where it goes. 

Delivery and returns

Delivery takes 8 to 10 working days.

Indeed, the book, to be created must go through several machines and the sheets must dry.

The production time is 4 days.

Delivery time is 3 to 5 days.

Custom books cannot be returned to us as they are unique.

Except for a defect upon receipt if notified within 8 days of receipt of the package.

Format and quality

Our books are created to last over time so that our little customers can enjoy their story for a lifetime.

All of our stories are printed on high-quality, thick, responsibly sourced paper (FSC certified). So they're good for our planet too. Available in classic softcover, more robust hardcover.

• 24 pages
• 21 x 21 cm


Why a personalized book?

Personalization has a magical power: It boosts the motivation of children to learn and gives them a super power to retain full of knowledge.

When they are immersed in history, it becomes easier for them to acquire new words and new knowledge. And they hold them more easily!

A study of preschool students found that the little ones who read personalized stories expressed themselves more and absorbed words at a crazy speed, like superheroes on mission. Wow!