A unique and personalized book for each child with his or her first name!

Each book is printed with the first name of the child, making him the main hero of the adventure. The illustrations, handmade, painted in watercolor add an artistic and original touch to the work.

You can also customize the book with a photo and a personal message for your child, which will be printed at the beginning of the book.

Give your little (e) reader a book that will be both a unique reading experience and a precious memory for years to come.


What is the recommended age for personalized books from My Mini Buddies ?

In My Mini Buddies, we think there is no age to offer a personalized book to a child.

Just adapt it to its level of development.

Although our books are often offered as a birth gift, we recommend choosing the A4 format for children aged from 4 to 10 yearsbecause their content and length are better adapted to their age.

Square formats are more suitable for the smallest (0-3 years) with shorter stories.

Whatever the age of the child, we have the perfect book to offer him a personalized and unforgettable reading experience.


Personalization arouses the interest of reading in children!

A study conducted on children aged 9 to 10 revealed that by reading personalized stories, their reading understanding was more than 40%.

That's 40%! The researchers concluded that the relevance of the text at the individual level made stories more captivating, more accessible and above all, more entertaining.

And we want all children to discover the Pleasure of reading. At the house of My Mini Buddies, we do not hesitate to present to the budding readers as varied as Narval, Kéhops, Pyramids, Iceberg, Machu Picchu, ... or new ideas like trips  In the world, the respect, there kindness and the fact that making mistakes is a good thing, because it helps to grow.

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