maman deux enfants entrepreneuse


Mom of two children, Laetitia is passionate about the ability to learn toddlers.

Motivated to enrich the vocabulary and the culture of children, it proposes to do so through personalized stories to capture the attention of your mini buddies.

Laetitia, trained in commercial development and marketing, directs My Mini Buddies in its entirety.

When she created this company, her goal was to design the most wonderful personalized children's book in the universe.

She wanted to teach them a thousand and one things about the world and its inhabitants, so that it remains engraved in their memory forever. With the illustrator Charlotte Everard, she imagined her first book entitled "World's Tour" and decided to personalize it in order to strengthen reading skills, the ability to demonstrate empathy, and all the beneficial effects of personalization on the learning and development of children.

Books are designed to support learning to read 0 to 9 years old, while strengthening self -esteem by placing the child at the heart of the adventure!

My Mini Buddies is above all a love story for children and friendship with the illustrator. In constant research, this young mother continues to surprise with her range of fun and personalized products, which amaze young and old.