maman deux enfants entrepreneuse


Once upon a time, there was a mother who was passionate about the tremendous learning potential of toddlers, and she had a vision: enrich children’s vocabulary and culture through personalized stories captivating. Trained in business development and marketing, Laetitia leads My Mini Buddies.

In 2021, when she founded this company, her ambition was to design the ultimate personalized children’s book, the one that would mark minds for eternity. With unwavering determination, she wanted transmit to children a thousand and one wonders about the world and its inhabitants, thus engraving lasting memories in their memory.

With the talented help of illustrator Charlotte Everard de Harzir, she gave life to her first masterpiece entitled "Around the World". This pioneering work, carefully personalized, aimed to strengthen reading skills, to cultivate empathy and stimulate children’s development. Since then, Laetitia has imagined three other equally magical stories.


These books, designed to accompany theLearning to read from 0 to 10 years, place the child at the heart of the adventure, thus strengthening his self-esteem. My Mini BuddiesIt is above all a love story for children. Driven by a relentless quest for novelty, this young mom amazes young and old with her range of fun and personalized products, spreading the magic of personalized stories around the world. Stories are translated into five languagesallowing even more children to experience adventure My Mini Buddies.