Shipping policy

The place of delivery of your products will be as agreed at the time of ordering, and delivery (unless the parties agree otherwise) will be by prepaid post.
We undertake to process your order and manufacture your product within the time agreed for each item. However, manufacturing times may vary and therefore the times given for delivery of goods are for guidance only.
You are responsible for checking your product on delivery. If the order has been delivered by a carrier, you must sign the delivery or acceptance note. Your signature on such a document will constitute valid proof that you have received your order free of any apparent defect or damage. Delay or non-delivery of any part of your order does not entitle you to refuse your order or any part of it. If the goods are alleged to be defective or damaged on delivery, you must give a written description of the alleged damage or defect at the time of delivery. This description must be signed by you or on your behalf.
We reserve the right to deliver your order in several instalments. In this case, each delivery will constitute a separate contract.