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My Mini Buddies

Box Maurice

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Box Maurice - Discover the world of emotions with Maurice Fish

The box Maurice is a magical experience designed to arouse the imagination of children and help them explore the complex world of emotions in a fun and engaging way. Immerse yourself in the adventure of Maurice The little fish, an adorable character who crosses the ocean while facing emotional challenges to help his friends.

The book : "Maurice and the ocean of feelings "

Our box includes the captivating book "Maurice and the ocean of feelings ". Young readers will be transported to the underwater world of Maurice, where each page reveals a new adventure full of discoveries and emotions. Follow Maurice During his trip to go home, while helping his friends overcome challenges related to their emotions. This deliciously illustrated account teaches important lessons on friendship, understanding emotions, and problem solving.

The Doudou Maurice in cotton

The ideal companion for peaceful nights, the comforter Maurice is carefully designed to provide comfort and safety to your child. With a soft red cotton side and a cuddly coded side in yellow cotton, Maurice The fish is the perfect comforter to comfort toddlers and accompany them on a night's sleep night. Your child will love to tighten this soft and soothing comforter against him when he discovered the adventures of Maurice in the book.

The box Maurice is the ideal gift for children curious and sensitive to emotions. It promotes the development of important social and emotional skills, while stimulating creativity and the love of reading. Offer your child the opportunity to dive into a magic underwater world, to learn the importance of empathy and to live unforgettable adventures with Maurice The little fish.


Our books and posters are printed in Europe.

Our paper is FSC certified.

Delivery and feedback

Delivery is made within 8 to 10 working days.

Indeed, the book or the poster, to be created must go through several machines and the leaves must dry.

The production time is 4 days.

The delivery time is 3 to 5 days.

Personalized books cannot be returned to us because they are unique.

With the exception of a defect when receiving if it is notified within 8 days of receiving the package.

Non -personalized posters can be returned to us within 14 days after receipt of the package.


The book is presented in A4 format in landscape.

Personalized posters are in the 30x40 format, portrait oriented.

Non -personalized posters arise in format A, oriented portrait.


Our books and posters are created to last in time so that our small customers can enjoy the whole life of their history or to post them.

Our vision

Books and posters created have an educational goal both in terms of words and general culture or art.

Indeed, all our drawings are made by hand in watercolor. This allows the child to release his emotions in the face of colors and their mixtures but also in the face of the faithful representation of reality.

  • Delivery

    The delivery price is calculated at the time of payment. There is the same regardless of the number of items you order.

  • The deadline

    Delivery is made within 8 to 10 days. This includes the production of the unique product until it happens in your mailbox.