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The 6 benefits of a personalised book

When Laetitia created this My Mini Buddies, his goal was to design the most wonderful personalized children's book in the universe.

She wanted to teach them a thousand and one things about the world and its inhabitants, so that it remains engraved in their memory forever. With the illustrator Charlotte Everard, she imagined her first book entitled "Around the world"And decided to personalize it in order to Strengthen reading skills, the ability to demonstrate empathy, and all the beneficial effects of personalization on the learning and development of children.

Books are designed to support learning to read 0 to 9 years old, while strengthening self -esteem by placing the child at the heart of the adventure!


Profit n ° 1: she boosts reading skills

All children, whatever their name, can be the hero or heroine of our stories. To see yourself in a book has a powerful effect on children, and makes more obvious for them the idea that they are welcome in the world of writing. Feeling in your place is a key step towards identification as a reader.

It’s magical to see the eyes of a child shine and go away when he realizes that he is the hero of his own adventure. Over the pages, astonishment helps him to immerse himself in his reading and in learning. Reading personalized books allows children to see themselves as readers from an early age.


Profit n ° 2: it promotes self -esteem

Our story is written to help children build and develop a positive image of themselves. A story that makes them courageous heroes and adventurers, particularly with our "world tour".


Profit n ° 3: it accelerates learning

Personalization has this (magic) power to improve the ability and motivation of children to learn. When immersed in history, it becomes easier for them to acquire new words and new knowledge. And they keep them easier! A study of kindergarten students revealed that those to whom we read personalized stories were expressed more and longer. Another study showed a significant difference in the acquisition of words when reading a personalized text compared to an unused text. Youpi!


Profit n ° 4: it helps children to demonstrate empathy

The stories help children understand the thoughts, feelings and motivations of the people around them. For children, this means that when they are the hero of their own adventure, their brain literally makes them embody the behavior of the character. Helping others, solving problems, showing curiosity: the encounter of the various protagonists of our stories helps children knowing how to be empathy towards others in everyday life.


Profit n ° 5: it promotes diversity

There is no room in our stories for assumptions or prejudices. Our readers are simply children. Bambins with a thousand different names. Small darlings that live all over the world within various family structures. Boys who love flowers and girls who love dinosaurs. In short, our adventures are for everyone!


Profit n ° 6: it gives the taste to children to read!

A study of children aged 9 to 10 has shown that when they read personalized stories, their reading understanding was more than 40%. Yes, yes, you read that right: 40%! The researchers concluded that the relevance of the text at an individual level made stories more interesting, easier to understand and above all, more fun.


And we want all children to discover the pleasure of reading. At the house of My Mini Buddies, we do not hesitate to present to the budding readers as varied as Narval, Kehops, Pyramids, Iceberg, Machu Picchu, ... or new ideas like world trips, respect, kindness and fact What to do with mistakes is a good thing, because it helps to grow.


At the house of My Mini Buddies, we never stop learning new things. For example, what our little readers like the most in our stories, and what we could improve. Each opinion we receive is precious. Nothing makes us more happy than to see the effect of our books on children. It's worth all the sorrows of the world!

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