The best Christmas gifts are personalized gifts!

The best Christmas gifts are personalised gifts!

Tired of scouring the shops for plastic toys that your child won't need the following year?

A personalised gift allows you to add sentimental value to your gift. It gives you the opportunity to communicate a message, an emotion, a memory to the person concerned. You therefore multiply your chances of pleasing the person and making a lasting impression.

A personalised gift is the absolute proof of our interest and affection for the child to whom it is given.  This makes the gift an undeniable proof of our affection and attention.

The advantage of a personalised book is that you can be sure that there are no two like the one you are giving. And originality is a quality that is greatly appreciated by the parent/child. It shows that you have spent time researching and creating this gift especially for the child you are giving it to, which makes it more sentimental for the child.

As a result, this alone will make the personalised gift even more important to the child who receives it.

Choose a personalised book that they can keep for life. As well as being funny and clever, the personalised book puts your child at the centre of the story. He is the hero and that is a feeling that toys do not give: self-esteem.

Just by seeing his or her name on the cover of the book, the child will be amazed. "This is my very own book. Indeed, it is a unique book for a unique child. This does not prevent the child from telling the story to another child. This will give him confidence!

Children often need to be given confidence, so that the magic of their actions, words and thoughts is not erased. It is important to tell your child how wonderful they are. And you can do this through a tailor-made gift specially designed for them. 

My Mini Buddies offers you to discover without further delay, the best personalised gifts for Christmas:

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