The 6 positive influences of a personalized book

6 positive influences of a personalised book

Personalised gifts are becoming increasingly popular. For children even more than for adults. Personalised children's books are becoming a hit! They're not just adorable, they're beneficial to your child's learning enrichment and development.

Indeed, books are an essential part of a child's development. They can improve language skills, while inspiring creativity and imagination. However, children's attention spans can be short, which can sometimes make reading a book complicated. A book personalised with the child's name will increase this attention span and positively influence it in several ways.

1. A personalised book with a first name makes children want to read

Children are often fascinated by themselves. Having a storybook with their name and/or picture in the story will make the child want to read all the time. Whether it's during the day or just before bedtime, it's exciting!

2. With a personalised children's book, children will start reading to their siblings and friends

This is something you don't see very often, as children usually prefer to watch TV or play video games (which we try to avoid!). But with a personalised children's book, your child is happy to be the hero of the story and wants to show it off! You can be sure that they will read this book to their siblings and friends. This, of course, is just after they have read it a few times to prove to you how well they can read.

3. A personalised children's book engages them throughout the story

As your child reads or listens to you, their imagination will grow! With a personalised book, children are actively engaged throughout the story. You will soon see them doing activities related to the personalised book. Another great reason why your child should have a personalized book is because they will want to start creating their own endings or sequels to the book. This promotes healthy development of critical thinking skills.

4. Personalized children's books boost self-esteem

Many personalized children's books make a child the "star of the story". Being the hero or main character in a story can be a thrilling experience for children. Personalisation often provides a temporary ego boost: for example, how a child might feel at his or her own birthday party or when taking a trip. What distinguishes these books from the classic books is that they present positive affirmations in an uplifting story. It's not just a story, it's HIS story!

5. With personalized books, children learn more vocabulary words

The fact that the child becomes more immersed in the story will make him/her pay more attention to the chosen vocabulary. For example, an adjective that defines the child in the story will attract their attention. The child will then ask you what the word means and why it is used in this context, etc. The older your child gets, the more he or she will learn to look up these words on their own.

6. A personalised book is a great keepsake gift

Finally, personalised gifts are very special to children. They will always cherish this sentimental gift. A personalised book can easily be kept. Don't be surprised if your adult child passes on the memory of how you got them their first personalised gift and reads it to their own children.

It's a truly unique gift! With the child's name printed on the cover and throughout the story, personalised books make memorable gifts, and wonderful memories for children.
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