Personalized book of which your children are the heroes

5 reasons to offer our personalized book

If you care about someone, want to find a gift that reflects a personality, or simply want to set yourself apart from ordinary gifts, personalised gifts are the best gifts you can give.

Here are 5 reasons why a personalised book is the perfect gift!

1. Children are proud to be the hero of their story

The first name appears not only on the cover of the book but also on all the pages of the story, a total of 44 times. This makes the child the real hero of the story!

2. Unique and special

Our personalised book will make your child feel unique and special. It will help them to develop their self-esteem. It is a remarkable ally in giving your child a taste for reading.

3. A gift for life

A personalised book cannot be given away. Because it has his name on the cover, his photo inside and a little note addressed to him, your child will keep this souvenir for life!

4. Celebrate the child

We are all different and that deserves to be celebrated! This is especially true for children.

Many studies show that children respond positively to reading a book in which they are the hero. This is even more beneficial than non-personalised books. Encourage them with their own book.

5. Watercolour illustrations

It may not sound like much, but art has a huge power over children. It invites them to develop their imagination. And this is a skill that should not be neglected, because it stimulates another key skill: creativity.

That's why it's important for us to illustrate our books by hand, in watercolour, so that the child releases emotions when faced with the colours and their mixtures, but also when faced with a faithful representation of reality (an alpaca looks like an alpaca), so that each page is a painting in itself.

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