Our Story

Founded by two young Belgian mothers, My Mini Buddies is an online publisher of personalised books and posters for children. The books are imagined and written by the founders, with love for each little customer according to his or her first name. They are designed to accompany with joy the learning of reading from 4 to 9 years old and to reinforce self-esteem by putting the child at the heart of the adventure! 

Equally concerned with general knowledge for children, Laetitia Malgaud and Charlotte Everard de Harzir have added a lot of interesting information to their story for a fun education in culture.

When Charlotte and Laetitia created My Mini Buddies, they wanted to create the most wonderful personalized children's book in the universe. The aim was to teach children a thousand and one things about the world and its inhabitants and to make it stick in their minds forever. So they came up with their first book "Around the World" and decided to personalise it to reinforce reading skills, empathy, and all the benefits of personalisation on children's learning and development.

All of these powers are available to every little hand, in every book. The power of personalisation will never cease to amaze you.

Finally, parents themselves can call themselves creators of magical gifts when they give a unique, personalised book that will last a lifetime.

The founders have also created delightful posters to decorate a child's room. The posters are either educational or personalised. In both cases, it is a gift that pleases. 

Recently, the young mothers have collaborated with Milavictoria Yoga to create yoga mats adapted to children, which are not yet available on the market. 

My Mini Buddies is above all a story of love for children and friendship between the creators! Constantly in search, these young mothers have not finished surprising you with their range of playful and personalized products.